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One-to-One IT Coaching

Helping You Use IT Better

For a more streamlined and work-relevant IT training option, consider IT coaching where. Smarter learning in a fraction of the time…

What is IT Coaching?

Learn just what you need, when you need it, utilising tailored hour-long sessions for your staff. These sessions can be completely focused on the work of each individual providing an opportunity to improve effectiveness and in turn productivity. We can help your team to get the most from the IT packages they use to make them more confident when tackling real business problems.

Who is IT Coaching for?

  • Anyone who wants to be more efficient or effective in their use of IT in their job
  • Anyone who cannot afford to spend a whole day out of work and needs to lean a specific software feature
  • Anyone who thinks they may not be doing things the fastest way and would like to save time


  • On-the-spot support for learners in their own working environment
  • Highly work relevant – real life problems encounter real life solutions
  • Flexibilty: learners can receive tips and tricks, general advice or learn specific features
  • Greater confidence and trust in new software
  • Less time away from your core-work Improved efficiency and effectiveness