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Floor Walking

Helping You Use IT Better

Floor Walking is a service where experienced trainers are made available to walk around your offices responding to individual queries, problems, tasks and work-related issues, supporting staff. It's an ideal way to follow up a major new installation or upgrade project.

Users often find using a new system for the first time quite daunting. You're likely to get a flood of calls to your helpdesk causing delays in response times and leading to frustrated, unhappy users. Our Floor Walking service helps you avoid this situation by providing one or more extra staff with expert knowledge to resolve the issues more quickly during this critical period.Typically, Floor Walking takes place e when additional support is needed.

Floor Walking is a flexible and cost-effective means of training staff who cannot be released from their daily duties for long periods, and for those who require immediate answers to real-life IT problems. Qualified trainers can provide immediate assistance to problems as they arise, whilst at the same time making sure you are using the full power of the software to increase productivity by reducing the time and effort spent on those tedious tasks.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Real-time problem solving.
  • Cost-effective training for those that need it the most.
  • Flexible training with minimal interruption to your work environment.
  • Supports new software releases.

Although they can be run independently of each other, combining demonstration sessions and Floor Walking can prove to be a very successful combination, or as a follow-up to a days training where the trainer is there to support putting the learning into real life work.