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Standard Courses

Helping You Use IT Better

We specialise in helping people who lack confidence, or knowledge, in a subject area. Many course delegates may not be looking forward to taking a training course, especially if they have not been in a classroom situation for a number of years. There are no tests or exams, a range of exercises that each delegate can work through during the course, with a competent experienced trainer on hand to help if anyone has problems.

A range of standard courses are designed to teach delegates a comprehensive understanding of each subject from the very basics up to advanced level, focusing on the features that are most likely to be required:

  • Basic Level - Introductory level courses teach delegates the essentials of the subject. These are suitable for those delegates who have no, or little, knowledge of the subject area.
  • Intermediate level - These courses are for delegates with the essentials knowledge to build on the basics and learn how to increase their understanding and productivity.
  • Advanced courses - A range of courses covering more advanced features of the subject. Delegates learn how to master the more complex features and techniques working towards becoming power users.

All courses are primarily based on a hands on approach, each delegate will require access to a computer with the appropriate software for the duration of the training course. If it is not convenient for you to provide this for your on-premise course, we are be able to facilitate this (additional cost applies).

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