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Bespoke Courses

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Customise Your own Training Course

Standard courses may not completely suit everyone. If this is the case with you, we can customise a course that is tailor made to meet your requirements.

You can build your own unique course by choosing any number of modules from our list of modules. For example, you may want a mixture of modules from level 1 (Introductory level) and level 2 (Intermediate level) courses though we wouldn't advise mixing Level 1 modules and level 3 (Advanced) modules.


Customising you own course has benefits for your organisation, only content that is needed for your organisation is covered in your course, no need to relearn what is already known.

We would always encourage you to consider working with us to customise your own course to meet your needs.

All courses are primarily based on a hands on approach, each delegate will require access to a computer with the appropriate software for the duration of the training course. If it is not convenient for you to provide this for your on-premise course, we are be able to facilitate this (additional cost applies).