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Workshops are ideal for people who need to learn a limited set of features, or perhaps need help completing a specific task such as preparing an important presentation before a deadline. The trainer works with the individual or group as an advisor, explaining and demonstrating best practice techniques.

Workshops combine training and development and planning. Participation and involvement of staff increases the sense of ownership and empowerment, and facilitates the development of organisations and individuals.

Workshops are effective in managing change and achieving improvement, and particularly the creation of initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve particular business and organisational aims. Workshops are also great for breaking down barriers, improving communications inside and outside of departments, and integrating staff after acquisition or merger.

Workshops encourage buy-in and involvement more than conventional training courses because they are necessarily participative, and the content and output are created by the delegates. Also, the relationship between workshop facilitator or workshop presenter and delegates is participative, whereas a 'trainer' is often perceived as detached, and the training material 'not invented here'.