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Excel for Beginners

Helping You Use IT Better

This course is designed for those who wish to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format and print basic Microsoft Excel worksheets. This is a generic course covering the different versions of Microsoft Excel.

Learning Objectives

  • Get started with Excel
  • Create a basic worksheet
  • Modify a workbook
  • Use simple formulas and functions
  • Format an Excel worksheet
  • Manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Set up printing options


  • Use a mouse
  • Type and use a keyboard
  • Navigate through Windows files and folders
  • Work with windows - minimise, maximise, open and close

Course Content

Excel Essentials

  • Versions of Excel
  • Starting Excel
  • Excel Screen
  • The Levels of Command Organisation
  • Help
  • Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Cells and Ranges

File Management

  • Basic File Operations
  • Creating New Blank Spreadsheets
  • Saving Documents
  • Closing Documents
  • Opening Workbooks
  • Creating Workbooks from Templates

Entering and Selecting Data

  • Active Cell
  • Selecting Data
  • Entering, Editing and Deleting information in cells (Text, Date, and numbers)
  • AutoComplete
  • Inserting Data with AutoFill
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows, Columns and Cells
  • Searching for, and Replacing Data
  • Shortcut Menus
  • Quick Navigation Shortcuts

Creating Formula and Functions

  • BODMAS: Mathematical Order
  • How Formulas Work
  • Creating Formulae
  • Editing Existing Formulae
  • Absolute and Relative References
  • Functions
  • Accessing Spreadsheet Functions
  • SUM Function: Using the Autosum Feature
  • Other Common Basic Functions: MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, COUNT
  • Using the Formulas Ribbon
  • Using the Function Box
  • Typing Functions

Formatting Cells, Rows, Columns and Sheets

  • Change Formatting
  • Font Formatting
  • Cell Alignment and Orientation
  • Number Formatting
  • Format Cells Dialog Box
  • Clearing Cell Formats
  • Copying Formats
  • Rows and Columns
  • Worksheet Tabs


  • Print Preview
  • Page Setup
  • Headers and Footers
  • Printing Data

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