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An off-site training course, also known as external training, refers to a learning program that takes place away from the learner's usual place of work or residence. These courses are conducted at external training centers, conference venues, or other off-site locations. Here's a description of an off-site training course and its advantages:

We can arrange everything you need for a successful training event:

  • The instructor
  • The computers
  • The venue
  • Light lunch and refreshments

All you have to do is turn up and enjoy the training!

Features of an Off-Site Training Course

An off-site training course is characterised by the following features:

  1. External Location: Participants are required to travel to a dedicated training facility, which may include conference centers, hotels, or specialised training venues.

  2. Professional Instructors: The courses are typically led by experienced instructors or subject matter experts who are specialized in the training subject.

  3. Structured Curriculum: Off-site training courses follow a structured curriculum that covers specific topics, skills, or subjects. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

  4. Diverse Participants: Participants may come from various organizations and backgrounds, offering opportunities for networking and sharing experiences with individuals from different fields.

  5. Scheduled Sessions: These courses are scheduled at specific dates and times, often spanning several days to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.

Advantages of Off-Site Training

  1. Focused Learning Environment: Off-site training provides a dedicated, distraction-free environment that allows participants to focus entirely on the learning material.

  2. Professional Instructors: The courses are often led by experts in the field, providing high-quality instruction and in-depth knowledge transfer.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Participants have the chance to interact and network with individuals from diverse backgrounds and organizations, fostering valuable connections and knowledge exchange.

  4. Concentration and Immersion: Being away from their usual work or home environment allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the training, making it easier to absorb and apply the knowledge.

  5. Hands-On Learning: Many off-site courses include practical exercises, workshops, and group activities that enable hands-on learning, enhancing the application of newly acquired skills.

  6. Minimal Workplace Interruptions: By conducting training off-site, organizations can minimize interruptions to regular work activities and ensure that employees can focus on learning without the distractions of their daily tasks.

  7. Customised Content: Off-site training providers often tailor courses to specific industry needs or learner requirements, making the content more relevant and applicable.

  8. Change of Scenery: A change of environment can be refreshing and motivating, boosting participants' engagement and enthusiasm for learning.

  9. Diverse Learning Perspectives: Interaction with participants from various backgrounds can provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to common challenges.

  10. Certifications and Credentials: Many off-site training courses offer certifications or credentials upon successful completion, which can enhance career opportunities and professional development.


In summary, off-site training courses offer a structured, immersive, and professional learning experience away from the usual work setting. The advantages include a focused learning environment, expert instructors, networking opportunities, hands-on learning, and the potential for professional certifications, making off-site training a valuable option for skill development and knowledge enhancement.

The cost of your chosen computer hire and venue options will be included within the final cost of your training.