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Customised Excel Course

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To get the best out of your training construct your own course structure using the modules listed below. It is important that any training is use to meet your needs and requirements. The standard Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level courses may not be the best option to meet your needs, instead select the modules that match your requirements for your own course. During this process we will be on hand and happy to help design your own course.

Module ID Module Description Level
002-002-001 Excel Essentials Beginner
002-002-002 File Operations Beginner
002-002-003 Entering and Selecting Data Beginner
002-002-004 Creating Formulae and Functions Beginner
002-002-004a Lookup Functions Intermediate
002-002-004b Logical Functions Intermediate
002-002-004c Time and Date Functions Intermediated
002-002-004d Statistical Functions Intermediate
002-002-004e Mathemtical Functions Intermediate
002-002-005 Formatting Cells, Rows, Columns and Sheets Beginner
002-002-006 Printing Beginner
002-002-007 Viewing and Managing Worksheets Intermediate
002-002-008 Tables Intermediate
002-002-009 Sorting and Filtering Data Intermediate
002-002-010 Subtotalling Data Intermediate
002-002-011 Conditional Formatting Intermediate
002-002-012 Working with Multiple Sheets Intermediate
002-002-013 Protection, Sharing and Collaborating Intermediate
002-002-014 Names Intermediate
002-002-015 Charts Intermediate
002-002-016 Data Consolidation Intermediate
002-002-017 Introduction to Pivot Tables Advanced
002-002-018 Advanced PivotTables Advanced
002-002-019 Forecasting What-If Analysis Advanced
002-002-020 Data Validation Intermediate