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Getting Training Ready at My Site

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The following guide is to assist in setting up the successful training course at your premises:


A register of delegates will be required. Ideally if this can be forwarded 2 days before the course, course attendance certificates can be generated and distributed to completing delegates at the end of the course. If this is not available prior to the course a register will be required on the day, again for generation of course completion certificates.

Training Room

A suitable room may be a meeting, conference room or board room. There needs to a table or desk space that each delegate can access comfortably, suitable power both for the delegates and the trainer, suitable lighting and adequate heating and ventilation.


For training at your office, you will need to supply one PC or laptop with appropriate software per person for the duration of the training. If this is problematic, we can provide laptops with the appropriate software installed for an additional fee. You will also need to have a projection area, or a TV screen or monitor that can be used for the demonstrations, instruction and presentation by the trainer. If a TV screen or projector is not available we can also provide this for the duration of the training.


Short breaks are good for concentration and provide an opportunity for informal discussion. It is a good idea to keep the courses delegates together during these breaks. There will be a short (10-15 minute) break in the morning, and again in the afternoon during full day courses. It is suggested that light refreshments (for example tea and coffee) are provided or easily accessed by the course delegates. An agreed lunch of between 30 minutes and one hour will be taken, it is each delegate’s responsibility for providing lunch (as it would do in the normal working day).