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Getting the Best Results form your Training

Helping You Use IT Better

To maximise the benefit of any training you arrange, keep the following points in mind:

  • The training should take place a room which is in a quiet area and which will not be disturbed during the training. The trainig room should be well lit and well heated / ventilated.
  • Allow time for delegates to have sufficient breaks. The full day training courses are structured to allow for a lunch break, and refreshment breaks mid morning and mid afternoon. This enables the delegates to stay alert and focused during the training.
  • Don't put too many people on the same training session. It may be tempting to save money - but each delegate will get more out of the training if the instructor has enough time to help each individual as much as they need. We recommend a maximum of 8 people per training session.
  • Don't mix people with very different abilities on the same training session. Beginners need to learn the basics, and often need more time to learn new concepts, whilst experienced users will want to push on and learn new features. Put them on the same session, and no-one will get what they need. Ensure people attend the course that's right for their current level of ability, and that they know what will be covered on the course before the day. We recommend that each delegate sees the course outline ahead of the training.
  • If possible, ensure that each person has their own computer for the training. Doubling up will reduce the benefit of the training. If you do not have PCs for each delegate we can provide these for you.
  • If you have specific topics of interest, or are struggling with a particular aspect of the software - please let us know in advance. The instructor may be able to adapt the training to meet your needs.