The State of Digital Skills

A survey from Go.On UK, a charity set up to promote digital skills, warns that over 12 million people in the UK do not have the skills needed in the digital era. The knock on effect is that around a million small businesses do not have the skills to prosper.

It has produced what it calls a digital exclusion heatmap, highlighting the areas where people are most likely to miss out on the digital revolution.

The map also shows that men are less likely to be digitally disadvantaged than women, with 80% having the necessary skills as compared to 74% of women. Where skills are lacking, poverty and a lack of infrastructure are part of the story.

The skills questioned are:

  • managing information,
  • communication,
  • transaction, buying and making payments,
  • problem solving,
  • create and manipulating things online



Go.on says the UK isn’t doing too badly compared with other countries when it comes to broadband availability, and in our use of mobile devices we are ahead of many of our rivals.But it seems that we are a little below average compared with OECD rivals, and well behind countries like Japan, Finland and the Netherlands.

Download the full report.

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