High profile Security Attacks

British Gas LogoBritish Gas has had some of it’s customer data stolen via it’s website. British Gas has contacted about 2,200 of its customers to warn them that their email addresses and account passwords were posted online. It says, however, that it does not think its own systems were breached and the affected accounts have been disabled following the discovery. This breach was thought to be different from others in that the access to user accounts was gained from phishing scams as opposed to a direct attack on the British Gas Infrastructure.

TalkTalk LogoFor the second time this year IT and telecommunications company Talk Talk has been hacked and data stolen, the previous time was in February. In the latest “significant and sustained” cyber attack bank details were taken from Talk Talk.

Link this together with the recent event where Marks and Spencer customers were able to see each others data, and the high profile attack on the extra marital data website Ashley Madison, then real questions need to be asked about the security of our data.

There seems to be an almost standard response that goes something like, the security of our customer’s data is extremely important to us, obviously not important enough.

Cyber security seems to be down the list of priorities of businesses and organisations, but maybe with these high profile examples it will become a top priority, them maybe  our data security will be extremely important, and safe.

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