BT sets date for IPv6 network conversion

BT has announced that by the end of 2016 its entire network will be able to use IPv6 – the next version of the internet addressing system.

For home and small business uses this will mean swapping routers as ilder devices are unable to work with the updated system. Many BT customers already use IPv6-ready hardware, such as computers and tablets, but the router, the device that connects to the internet does not support the IPv6 standard.

The change is necessary as the internet addresses used (IPv4) have run out, and a new method needs to be brought in.

Routers such as the Draytek range we supply to clients are capable of working with the older IPv4 standard and the newer IPv6 standard. These routers are also capable of working across broadband (ADSL), high speed broadband such as BT Infinity (VDSL), cable networks (such as Virgin), and mobile networks, a truly remarkable range. For further information about the range and advice contact us now.


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