Category: Networking

IP Addresses Explained

Following on from the announcement last month of BT to move from IPv4 to IPv6 for their internet connections I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain what an IP address does, and what it is. What is an IP Address? An Internet Protocol Address (or IP Address) is an unique set of …

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BT sets date for IPv6 network conversion

BT has announced that by the end of 2016 its entire network will be able to use IPv6 – the next version of the internet addressing system. For home and small business uses this will mean swapping routers as ilder devices are unable to work with the updated system. Many BT customers already use IPv6-ready hardware, such …

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Using the Right Network Infrastructure

Whilst out for a pre-Christmas meal recently I went to pay using a debit card. After entering my PIN into the machine the waitress them took the machine (card still in the machine) over to the doorway into the restaurant. Now this is not what should happen as the systems are designed so the card …

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