Facebook for Business

All businesses need to promote themselves,and ask yourself, how many people do you know that have a Facebook account, most people about you I would guess. its the fastest growing media right now so it’s useful to spread the word.

Facebook allows users to create additional pages, something really useful for small businesses. Why would a small business need this? Two reasons really,

  1. Provide a Facebook page that uses the business identity to promote the business.
  2. Keep the business page separate from any personal Facebook the business owner may already have.

How are pages created?

The first step is to go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. This then allows the selection of the type of page. Follow the prompts to build your page (or come along to on of our courses for Social Media).

Go into the section about "Edit Profile" and check all the settings. Do as we have done, and change the Facebook URL (or web address) for your page, the original URL for AHB Information Technology Solutions was http://www.facebook.com/pages/AHB-Information-Technology-Solutions/213716895328202 but has now been updated to http://www.facebook.com/ahbitsolutions, much easier to remember and promote.

From 31 March all users profiles on Facebook will change to the Timeline, make sure there is a suitable cover photo and get it published, then build up your followers, but that’s for another post. Connect to other businesses, and have other businesses connect back to you. It’s not an overnight magic bullet, but its the beginning.

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