Excel Shortcuts

I’m starting a series of articles here about shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

Becoming more productive across all applications is important, and to help you n your way there are a series of keyboard shortcuts that can be used.

Firstly I’ll consider moving around a worksheet.

Keyboard shortcuts for moving around workbooks

This is only a partial list. For a comprehensive list, see the links at the top of this page.

  • To move one cell at a time in any direction, use the Arrow keys
  • When in a range, to move to edge of range use the CTRL+Arrow key combination
  • To move to last cell on worksheet that contains data, the CTRL+End key combination should be used
  • Move to beginning of worksheet, typically cell A1, CTRL+Home key combination
  • Move one screen down or up is achieved with the Page Down and Page Up keys
  • Moving one screen to the right or left use the ALT+Page Down or ALT+Page Up key combination

Next, moving between worksheets

  • Move to next worksheet use the CTRL+Page Down key combination
  • Whilst moving to previous worksheet uses the CTRL+Page Up key combination

Need Help? then press the F1 key to access Word Help

In Excel2007 or Excel 2010 show or hide the ribbon by using CTRL+F1 or add commonly used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar by right-click a button, and then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

More Excel tips soon.

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