Western Digital Devices Accreditation

In previous posts I have indicated the importance of using a backup to keep all your data safe in the unfortunate eventuality that the data could be lost. In order to provide the best for all clients, whether consumers or  commercial organisations, AHB Information Technology Solutions have partnered with Western Digital.

Partner Certificate 2014-15Western Digital are a world leading provider of hard disk drives. The hard disk drive is still by far the most common method of storing data.

There is a wide range of data storage solutions available in a range of capacities starting at 1TB:

  • Desktop storage (USB/NAS)
  • Portable storage (USB/Wireless)
  • Personal cloud (NAS)
  • Business storage (USB/NAS)
  • Business cloud (NAS)

In addition to the storage solutions Western Digital also provide a range of internal storage drives suitable for laptops, desktop computers, servers, surveillance devices, and NAS (Network Attached Storage).

With all this in mind there are a wide range of solutions available, all available from me now. To provide the best service and advice on any of these solutions I have undergone training through Western Digital,. Having undergone this and passed the appropriate exams I achieved WD Professional status, then WD Expert Status. Need expert advice on drives, just call.

 Professional April 2015Expert April 2015

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