Advantages of Using a Microsoft Certified Trainer


Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are individuals who are authorised by Microsoft to provide training for Microsoft products. This certification is maintained by the Microsoft Corporation

The MCT certification demonstrates that the owner is an expert in both using and training others in specific Microsoft solutions. This certification is annually renewed requiring specific requirements to be met each year. While designated as an MCT, the owner must meet all technical competencies for any authorised course, maintain high customer satisfaction (proven through the use of course evaluations) and deliver at least 3 Microsoft courses during the year.

The benefits of being taught by an MCT are:

  • Taught by an individual who is authorised to teach Microsoft Courses.
  • The MCT is evaluated each year, only those meeting the high customer standards are allowed to maintain their MCT status.
  • MCTs must already hold the relevant qualifications for the subjects being taught.
  • MCTs must have a recognised and current teaching and/or training qualification.
  • MCTs must be able to demonstrate presentational skills.
  • Access to official training materials for all Official Microsoft Learning products.
  • Support from Microsoft and the MCT community.


Microsoft Certified Trainers are proven to be extremely competent, trainers of a high standard, and authorised by the software technology producer (Microsoft).

Before contracting a trainer, ask to see their qualifications. If you are seeking training in Microsoft Office technologies, look no further that AHB Information Technologies, you will receive your training from an MCT.

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