Word Shortcuts: Working with documents

Continuing the series of articles about Word shortcuts, in this article we are looking at some of the basic document functions.

There are a few essential skills that everyone should master, including opening new documents, closing documents, open existing documents and saving documents. One the essential skills have been mastered using shortcut keys can improve user productivity and effectiveness.

The shortcut keys for the essential functions of creating, opening, closing and saving documents are

Key Combination Action
CTRL+N Create a new document.
CTRL+O Open a document.
CTRL+W Close a document.
CTRL+S Save a document.

The other essential function is printing documents. Although in these days of digital media and communication, printing documents can be discouraged, but still is not able to be avoided. The key combinations refer to the printing functions within Word.

Key Combination Action
CTRL+P Print a document.
ALT+CTRL+I Switch to print preview.
Arrow keys Move around the preview page when zoomed in.
PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN Move by one preview page when zoomed out.
CTRL+HOME Move to the first preview page when zoomed out.
CTRL+END Move to the last preview page when zoomed out.

One of the useful features in Word is the ability to work in a split screen, that is where 2 parts of the same document can be viewed in the same window, with each pane scrolling independently of the other. The key combinations below can be used to split the document screen, or remove the split.

Key Combination Action
ALT+CTRL+S Split the document window.
Remove the document window split.

More quick shortcuts soon.

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