Word Shortcuts

Become more productive when working in Microsoft Word by using these useful tips. Get something done quickly or to format your text more in a more pleasing way, these all work in different versions of Word too.

  • Press Ctrl+Enter to start a new page. A manual page break is inserted, which forces a new page automatically.
  • Press Shift+Enter to insert a soft return, which is useful for breaking a line of text, such as in a document title or an address.
  • Use tabs or tables to line up your text. Never use spaces. One tab is all you need. If you’re typing more than one tab, you need to reset the tab stops.
  • Always use one tab between columns to line them up. That makes editing the information easier if you have to do it.

When selecting text, either for editing or formatting  try these steps to select the text quickly.

  • To select a word, double click.
  • To select a paragraph, triple click.
  • Place your cursor in the left margin. Click once for a line, double click to select all lines in a paragraph, triple click to select the entire document.
  • Press CTRL+A to select the entire document.
  • To select a sentence, hold the CTRL key and click inside the sentence.

Need Help? then press the F1 key to access Word Help

In Word 2007 or Word 2010 show or hide the ribbon by using CTRL+F1or add commonly used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar by right-click a button, and then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

More Word tips soon.

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