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Selecting a Web Designer or Developer

Before you choosing a designer for your website, step back and ask yourself 3 simple questions: What is the objective of the website? How much are you willing to spend, or how much can you afford to spend on the website? How much time do you have available to spend on the website? Let’s consider …

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Successful Search Engine Listing Tips

This article highlights three simple steps to search engine optimisation. There are many articles that overcomplicate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by making references to search engine algorithms, PageRank formulas, keyword density, etc. This article will attempt to keep SEO in simple terms without getting involved in anything too technical. Firstly be aware of anybody that …

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Guidelines to Good Web Site Design

It would appear that anyone thinks that they can build a web site, but can anyone build a successful website? No. Only look at the web and you will find many sites that quite frankly are worse than useless. So what are the key aspects to building a successful web site? You’ll find a few …

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