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My PC is still slow, should I buy a new one now?

Hard disk drive open

In the previous article we considered the performance improvements through the software changes and updates. Although this may have improved performance you may find that this isn’t enough, or that the improvements Whilst your computer hardware won’t last forever, you could consider upgrading parts of it, or even entering into a maintenance regime to keep …

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My PC is slow, should I buy a new one?

If your PC is running slow, there are several steps you can take to improve its performance before considering the purchase of a new one. Whilst your computer won’t last forever, it could however keep going a little longer with some TLC and maintenance. There are 2 areas that could be affecting your computer, the …

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PowerPoint Presenting Tips

One of the most heard phrases I hear in relation to any of the available presentation suites is “Death by PowerPoint”. In other words there’s total overkill in its usage, and very often it’s totally unnecessary, often as a result or poor presentation skills. When presenting, remember that PowerPoint is a tool to aid effective …

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