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My PC is still slow, should I buy a new one now?

Hard disk drive open

In the previous article we considered the performance improvements through the software changes and updates. Although this may have improved performance you may find that this isn’t enough, or that the improvements Whilst your computer hardware won’t last forever, you could consider upgrading parts of it, or even entering into a maintenance regime to keep …

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My PC is slow, should I buy a new one?

If your PC is running slow, there are several steps you can take to improve its performance before considering the purchase of a new one. Whilst your computer won’t last forever, it could however keep going a little longer with some TLC and maintenance. There are 2 areas that could be affecting your computer, the …

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Speed up your PC (Part 4)

In this part of the Speed up your PC series we’ll be looking at a couple of tweaks that will help to optimise the performance of the PC. Stop Indexing Windows uses the index to perform very fast searches on your computer. By default , the Windows Search indexing service is turned on for all …

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Speed up your PC (Part 3)

The previous articles in this series specifically considered the disk drive with part 1 concerned with decluttering the drive, and part 2 optimising the performance of the drive. It is important now that since these actions are complete and the hard drive is in good operational condition, it should be kept that way, do this …

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Speed up your PC (Part 2)

The first part of this article was concerned with decluttering the hard disk drive, basically removing anything that is no longer needed, either by deleting, or by removing to an archive or other storage medium. This part is deal with the next step, in tidying up the hard disk drive. When a file is stored …

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Speed up your PC (Part 1)

Over time computers are used to store a significant amount or have additional programs running, and that bright new shiny PC doesn’t seem to be as fast as when it was first run. This is normal, but it is possible to return the performance of the computer almost back to its original with a few …

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