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One down, how many more to go?

Hacker and blackmailer gets caught, but is it enough? Users are still at risk as there are many more out there to take his place.. From London, a student used his programming skills to blackmail porn site visitors across the world. His scam is estimated to have been up to £4m, but only £700k has …

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Password Expiry Policy

It has been accepted for some time that changing password regularly is a positive step to providing security for IT systems, but is it? On reflection both, views have valid points to make. Changing passwords has the advantage, that should a password be National Cyber Security Centre Guidance can be accessed at

Update Blues

Yesterday was an absolute nightmare whilst trying to close my overused laptop off. The day before was what is commonly referred to as “Patch Tuesday”, the day that Microsoft releases a whole series of updates for Windows and it’s applications. This occurs on the second Tuesday of every month. Which meant that during my use …

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No one is safe from computer hackers, no not even IT professionals. Why do I say this? Over a week ago this blog was hacked with the result that it was offline for a few days, but as you see we’re back in the living again. Are you worried about the security of your WordPress …

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Cookie Tracking Deadline Approaches

Recent research has indicated that many UK based organisations have not yet fully comprehended the upcoming computer legislation according to the BBC Technology News website. The worrying aspect in reading this is that independent research suggests UK based organisations have not digested the upcoming computer cookie law. According to an independent study there are on …

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Passwords and Security

Passwords are readily in use throughout most parts of our lives now. They are designed to authenticate a user’s access to an area, and restrict other users, but this makes passwords a target for those without authorisation. What is a Computer Password? A password is a string of characters used to authorise access to information …

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