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My PC is Slow, I Just want a New One!!!!

IN the last 2 articles, we considered various methods to extend the life of your PC without breaking the bank, but this might not be for everyone. So you don’t want to update your computer, you are set on a new one. Okay, its not such a bad idea for the longer term. There are …

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My PC is still slow, should I buy a new one now?

Hard disk drive open

In the previous article we considered the performance improvements through the software changes and updates. Although this may have improved performance you may find that this isn’t enough, or that the improvements Whilst your computer hardware won’t last forever, you could consider upgrading parts of it, or even entering into a maintenance regime to keep …

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My PC is slow, should I buy a new one?

If your PC is running slow, there are several steps you can take to improve its performance before considering the purchase of a new one. Whilst your computer won’t last forever, it could however keep going a little longer with some TLC and maintenance. There are 2 areas that could be affecting your computer, the …

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One down, how many more to go?

Hacker and blackmailer gets caught, but is it enough? Users are still at risk as there are many more out there to take his place.. From London, a student used his programming skills to blackmail porn site visitors across the world. His scam is estimated to have been up to £4m, but only £700k has …

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Window 10 April 2018 Update

The  latest update was made available yesterday (30th April), Windows 10 April 2018 Update. So I decided to install this on one machine, which took in total over 4 hours to achieve from start to completion. There are a number of new and updated features (see the Microsoft Windows blog for further information). Here’s a …

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Password Expiry Policy

It has been accepted for some time that changing password regularly is a positive step to providing security for IT systems, but is it? On reflection both, views have valid points to make. Changing passwords has the advantage, that should a password be National Cyber Security Centre Guidance can be accessed at

Background Services

A client called this week looking for some training on Windows 8 and email as he is having trouble accessing his email now. So I duly went to help this client, but the problem was his computer was running so slow that it was not possible to provide the relevant training. When asked how long …

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Update Blues

Yesterday was an absolute nightmare whilst trying to close my overused laptop off. The day before was what is commonly referred to as “Patch Tuesday”, the day that Microsoft releases a whole series of updates for Windows and it’s applications. This occurs on the second Tuesday of every month. Which meant that during my use …

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Windows 7 Begins Journey to End of Life

Yesterday say a new step in the evolution of Microsoft Windows. Windows 7 is now winding down, the “mainstream support” for Windows 7 has now stopped as of yesterday (13th January 2015), but extended support continues until 14th January 2020, so no need to rush, just yet.  Retail sales have already stopped (back in October …

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Upgrading or Replacing a Hard Drive (Part 1)

There comes a time when the computer hard drive is unable to hold any more data on it, it has become full because of all the movies and music files on it. So now it’s decision time, what needs to be deleted to make more room. There is another alternative, and that’s to upgrade the …

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