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Excel Shortcuts

I’m starting a series of articles here about shortcuts in Microsoft Excel. Becoming more productive across all applications is important, and to help you n your way there are a series of keyboard shortcuts that can be used. Firstly I’ll consider moving around a worksheet. Keyboard shortcuts for moving around workbooks This is only a …

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New eBooks to Download

With Microsoft Office 2003 support being stopped in just over 2 years a number of individuals and organisations are now looking to update their version of Microsoft Office. There are a substantial number of differences between these versions, not least in the commands, gone are the menus and in come the ribbons, and not forgetting …

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Word Shortcuts

Become more productive when working in Microsoft Word by using these useful tips. Get something done quickly or to format your text more in a more pleasing way, these all work in different versions of Word too. Press Ctrl+Enter to start a new page. A manual page break is inserted, which forces a new page …

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