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Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year to you all. Well 2014 has come to an end, and what a year. I can’t really believe it’s the beginning of another year, time seems to be passing faster with each year. It’s been an eventful year, from launching a new website design, to becoming an accredited partner to some of …

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Using the Right Network Infrastructure

Whilst out for a pre-Christmas meal recently I went to pay using a debit card. After entering my PIN into the machine the waitress them took the machine (card still in the machine) over to the doorway into the restaurant. Now this is not what should happen as the systems are designed so the card …

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The need to backup data

Having recently had a number of requests about recovering data from damaged or corrupt PCs. Just this week there was a request from a computer user to see if the photographs on her netbook could be recovered. The device had shown a white screen, followed by a red screen, then smoke coming from the device …

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Upgrading or Replacing a Hard Drive (Part 1)

There comes a time when the computer hard drive is unable to hold any more data on it, it has become full because of all the movies and music files on it. So now it’s decision time, what needs to be deleted to make more room. There is another alternative, and that’s to upgrade the …

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Draytek Authorised Dealer

AHB Information Technology Solutions are pleased to announce that as an Authorised Dealer we have now added Draytek to our portfolio of partners and dealerships. The DrayTek product range includes router firewalls, wireless access points, switching products, ADSL modems and accessories. DrayTek Corp. was established in 1997, bringing together some of the leading minds in …

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Cisco Partner

AHB Information Technology Solutions is now a Cisco Partner. Cisco is a world leading supplier of network equipment covering Routing Switching Wireless LAN TelePresence Voice Web Conferencing and Security

New Year, New Start, New Site

Welcoming in 2014 with new hopes, new wishes, and a new website, To all clients, colleagues, an friends, a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Selecting a Web Designer or Developer

Before you choosing a designer for your website, step back and ask yourself 3 simple questions: What is the objective of the website? How much are you willing to spend, or how much can you afford to spend on the website? How much time do you have available to spend on the website? Let’s consider …

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Successful Search Engine Listing Tips

This article highlights three simple steps to search engine optimisation. There are many articles that overcomplicate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by making references to search engine algorithms, PageRank formulas, keyword density, etc. This article will attempt to keep SEO in simple terms without getting involved in anything too technical. Firstly be aware of anybody that …

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Guidelines to Good Web Site Design

It would appear that anyone thinks that they can build a web site, but can anyone build a successful website? No. Only look at the web and you will find many sites that quite frankly are worse than useless. So what are the key aspects to building a successful web site? You’ll find a few …

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